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ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC

Our Story

ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC

*Nebraska Grown**Gourmet Pork*

Leon and Tami Svoboda

A third-generation family farm located in northeast Nebraska, farming and pork production is not only our business, it’s our way of life.  With over four decades of production experience, we were looking for a way to define ourselves and make changes to our operation needed to thrive in the future.  There is demand for a different kind of pork.  In 2014, the decision was made to raise a rare heritage breed of swine, Mangalitsa.  Learn more about us: www.elteemangalitsas.com  or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

100% Swallow Belly Mangalitsa

The name Mangalitsa means “hog with a lot of lard.”  They are sometimes known as wooly pigs because of the curly hair that covers their body.  Native to Hungary, Mangalitsa’s unique genetics provide all of the characteristics that consumers, chefs and makers of high-end specialty meats desire.  The attributes of this gourmet pork can be traced back to the heritage breeds natural composition, that features huge amounts of fat and tasty, marbled red meat.  Our Mangalitsa bloodlines can be traced back to the first imports into the United States from Hungary in 2007 and are certified 100% pure Mangalitsa by the USDA.  We will never cross our Mangalitsa's with another breed. By crossing, you lose the predictability and integrity of the breed.  That’s what makes Mangalitsa so special. 

We raise, harvest and process the pork from our farm, so that you are buying authentic meat straight from the farm.  Strict selection for traits within our herd ensures a more consistent, higher quality product.  Mangalitsa can take up to 18 months to mature, while the extended days result in superior marbling and fat.  The pigs are fed a vegetarian diet made with ingredients grown by us.  We use no unnecessary antibiotics.  We sought out an exceptional processing partner that embraces the same ideals that we hold.  They pay strict attention to detail, process small batches and are expert artisans in crafting portions and products.

ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC