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Bayou Française LLC

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About me: Bayou Française LLC is a culmination of my journey through life, so far. I was Born in California and grew up split between the west coast and Louisiana. Later, I spent 10 years in Okinawa, Japan when we were stationed there with the United States Air Force. I attended a classic French-trained culinary school in Omaha Nebraska; which expanded my knowledge of both local and global ingredients. With this diverse global background, I have a love of flavors from around the world.

My spice blends, cocoa mixes, and soup bases are small batch produced to ensure consistent quality and to preserve freshness. I toast whole spices before grinding to enhance the depth of flavor. They are salt-free so you can control the intensity of both the flavors of the spice, as well as the salt level in your dish. I don't add any anti-caking agents or preservatives. Pure spices blended with love. 

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Bayou Française LLC